Genuine AG-BAG Products

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AgBag Silage Baggers

Ag-Bag Silage Baggers

We offer the full line of Ag-Bag Silage Bagging equipment from the 6060 pull type up to the LX 1214 Professional bagger.


Genuine Ag Bag Bags

Genuine Ag-Bag Bags

Bag Sizes include 8'x100' 8'x150 8'x200' 9'x135' 9'x150' 9'x200' 9'x250' 10'x150' 10'x200' 10'x250' 10'x300' 12'x200' 12'x250' 12'x300' 14'x300' 14'x500'

AgBag Covers

Bunker covers

32'x100' 40'x100'  50'x100'   60'x100'  80'x100'

32'x150' 40'x150'  50'x150'   60'x150'  80'x150'

                             50'x200'   60'x200'  80'x200'

                                             60'x500'  80'x500'


Silage Shield

40'x200'   50'x200'    60'x200'   

40'x1000' 50'x1000'  60'x1000'  


AgBag Products

Silage Innoculant

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All AG-BAG products can be purchased or ordered through Maple Lane Ag-Bag LLC.

Ag-Bag Corporation was founded by a group of five Agri-Businessmen who owned and operated Cattle Ranches, Dairies and Feed Mill operations as well as a manufacturing business.

 Lower Cost, Less Loss

Ag-Bag provides lower cost feed storage solutions for every size of farm. You will benefit from lower feed storage costs and less feed loss.


We have developed a drive update to cut down on internal bearing wear with the 6070 superior gearbox. This update has been in service and tested for 4 seasons. Thus far it has solved problems with heat and wear that was previously experienced with the factory drive set up. We offer the kit for sale or we can do the update for you in our shop.

6070 ag bag for sale
6070 ag bag equipment for sale
6070 ag bag for sale
6070 ag bag equipment
6070 ag bag for sale

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